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Big dog vs Small dog

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This is a very funny video clipping of two dogs that have to share their dog food from the same bowl. The dog food is kept in the area near a wall. Both the dogs seem to love the dog food. One is a tiny white pup and ano...

Crazy sheep attack

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This funny video is about a sheep that seems to get mad at seeing people and derive a pervert pleasure in hurting humans. The ram is extremely restless and irritated. This funny video shows the ram or a male sheep aiming...

Funny penalty kick ever

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This is one of the most interesting and funniest sports video that had caught the eyes of many people.  Watch out for something sharp on the floor before you start watching this, for, you may roll on the floor and laugh ...

Exploding dead whale

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Sperm whale is the known to be the largest one among the toothed whales. Here is a video which had gone viral all around the Internet. This is about a dead whale that explodes as it is cut open. The marine biologist, Bja...

Funny Chinese hurdler

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The video shows a hurdle race, it focuses on one participant who is in a hurry to win at any cost. He breaks all the rules of the game from the beginning of the race.  The scene shows a hurdle race is about to begin, che...

An attempt to blow out candle

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This video shows the attempts by an innocent child to blow out a lighted candle.  She looks cute in her white and green stripped jumper, both funny and solemn at the same time, as she draws her breath, puffs her mouth an...

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Smoking Monkey

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This is a clipping of an adventurous and fun loving monkey that is a chain smoker. Probably this fellow in the zoo was trained by a trainer who might also be a cigarette addict or this monkey was taught this trick delibe...

Dancing dog & laughing baby

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Dancing dog and laughing baby....

Catwalk falls

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Funny Catwalk falls - This video shows the funny aspect of the high strung cat walking. These are clippings of models who are taking part in fashion shows. This video shows ten clippings of models cat walking and falling...

Babies eating lemon first time

12.72K Views1 Comments

Babies eating lemon for first time. A lot of parents have done this to their babies, your parents probably did it to you. No one remembers this kind of stuff, no harm is done. This is a cute video which cuts across all n...

Drunken Animals

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Drunken Animals - Animals getting drunk by eating ripe Marula Fruit. So they all go to the Fruit bar to drink away their problems together. So funny :)...

Lion man – Kevin Richardson

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Kevin Richardson - the lion man, has struck up a remarkable friendship with an entire pride of lions in South Africa. He was born with an extremely talent, he just does not realize that because to him this is natural and...

Romantic Boy

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Romantic boy trying to hug and kiss the girl. The girl seems like she does not even want to be there with him. She keeps on pushing him and he tries to impress her even by doing push ups :)...

Big dog vs Small dog

21.24K Views1 Comments

This is a very funny video clipping of two dogs that have to share their dog food from the same bowl. The dog food is kept in the area near a wall. Both the dogs seem to love the dog food. One is a tiny white pup and ano...

Dog and Crow playing ball

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Dog and crow playing ball. So unbelievable to see human, dog and bird play with each other happiness in the purest form no money can buy that ! Crows are very smart! He saw that the dog took the ball and charged him when...

Exercising Monkey

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Monkey doing exercise...

Baby celebrating first birthday

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Baby celebrating her first birthday by playing with chocolate cake....

Monkey shooting with AK 47

69.07K Views1 Comments

This is a video of a monkey who uses an AK 47 to aim and shoot at people. The video shows a few people holding guns. They are making merry and enjoying among themselves. The monkey comes in and is watching the guys who a...

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