This is a series of clippings of monkeys that are playing pranks which are funny and sometimes slightly scary. All the people and kids involved are suddenly surprised when the monkeys make a sudden and unexpected move. The pranks are bordering on fun but for the kids and people involved it is totally not a good experience. This video shows a series of monkeys that are snatching away things from people or are hitting them on their head. This could be fun for people who are watching this video but that could not be the experience of people who are involved in this video. One can describe these monkeys as unruly ones that want to have a great time scaring people away. And then another thought crosses our mind. May be these monkeys are terribly hungry and so they are resorting to such actions. Whatever be the reason, it is quite scary when something is snatched away from us when we least expect. This is a funny video that is nice to watch. This series of clippings will surely make us smile at their antics. It is certainly a ‘good watch’ for people who want to relax and who need a change from the regular routine.





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