Here is the performance of an extremely talented street drummer. The most amazing thing about this video is the dirt cheap set of “drums” he is playing on.  Imagine what he could do with a full set of real drums. He is showcasing his talents on the sidewalk and begging for a living. He uses plastic cans which are used for garbage disposal and very mundane items like a vessel and a brass plate to drum. It is surprising that with materials that one considers to be waste he is able to create such lovely beats and he continuously drums in order to entertain people. In order to get trained, people go to professional classes to hone their skills and to gain knowledge in the field of music and to play various instruments. But here is a guy who has the innate talent of music. Who wouldn’t applaud such a talent? However, it is a pity to see such a talented person beg on the street. The beat and his style of drumming is fascinating. He seems to enjoy his drumming and the whistling sound adds a peppy touch to the drumming which shows that he is thoroughly enjoying what he is doing. Indeed a good show by the guy who is drumming using such items which one essentially considers to be of no value. This shows that something thought of as unnecessary becomes valuable for someone else. Needless to say, his talent should be appreciated and recognized at a higher level.





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