This video shows the attempts by an innocent child to blow out a lighted candle.  She looks cute in her white and green stripped jumper, both funny and solemn at the same time, as she draws her breath, puffs her mouth and blows, again and again.  Children can lighten any atmosphere with their innocent expression, playful actions, and ingenuous efforts to do something that they find hard.  You can easily learn a lesson from children, unlike elders they do not give up but keep on trying till it finally downs on them that the task is too difficult for them to perform and then they ask for help. The video amuses and entertains at the same time; here is this little child, dressed in a jazzy stripped jacket, with her hair tied up in a cute knot at the top of her head, trying to blow out a candle.  Her mouth is pursed in a round circle, her eyes squint on the candle in her hand, and two little baby teeth peep out from the adorable lips.  Finally, she hands the lighted candle and utters three magical words, “You do it.” She has a perfect solution to a difficult problem.





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