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Big dog vs Small dog

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This is a very funny video clipping of two dogs that have to share their dog food from the same bowl. The dog food is kept in the area near a wall. Both the dogs seem to love the dog food. One is a tiny white pup and ...

Crazy sheep attack

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This funny video is about a sheep that seems to get mad at seeing people and derive a pervert pleasure in hurting humans. The ram is extremely restless and irritated. This funny video shows the ram or a male sheep aim...

Funny penalty kick ever

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This is one of the most interesting and funniest sports video that had caught the eyes of many people.  Watch out for something sharp on the floor before you start watching this, for, you may roll on the floor and lau...

Exploding dead whale

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Sperm whale is the known to be the largest one among the toothed whales. Here is a video which had gone viral all around the Internet. This is about a dead whale that explodes as it is cut open. The marine biologist, ...

Monkey harassing tiger cubs

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Two cute looking tiger cubs are enjoying themselves in a playful manner. The tiger cubs unknowingly enter the territory of the black faced monkey. The naughty monkey is sure that the young cubs cannot retaliate for it...