Babies eating lemon for first time. A lot of parents have done this to their babies, your parents probably did it to you. No one remembers this kind of stuff, no harm is done. This is a cute video which cuts across all nations. A small rind of lime is given to the children who taste it for the first time. All the children irrespective of nationality or gender seem to more or less have the same reaction. This is surely a video that we can watch when we are feeling quite low in general. This will naturally pep us up. What loveliness to see such cute babies. Their reaction after tasting the sourness is worth watching. All of them seem to have the same expression as to “What the hell is this? It tastes so different from the chocolates that I love to have”? Each child has a different expression. Some are bewildered, some are closing their eyes due to the sourness, some seem to ask, do you people like this taste? This is a cute video where you can watch lots and lots of kids who do not seem to like the sour taste of lime. This is a video which is a collection of kids that show varied expressions after tasting lime for the first time in their life. Such a cute video can instantly make us feel better.





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