Wow! This is a hilarious video which can make you laugh your lungs out! The enthusiasm of a child and a dog is very amusing. It is generally believed that if one has an infant at home, then a puppy can be a good companion to the infant and that when these two grow up together, a bond of sharing and caring is created. This can be explicitly seen in this video. The child is attempting to play a musical instrument. Not to be left behind, the cute dog is attempting to sing or so to say, making sounds which probably the dog and the baby is thinking is great music. We are sure to enjoy watching this video but it is the two in the video that are enjoying the most. The baby seems to be so excited that he is jumping up and down when the dog responds to his prank. This is really an enjoyable video which can lighten up your mood instantly. Kids are a joy and if coupled with an active and caring dog then the joy becomes double as we will surely feel touched when one sees the instant caring and happy nature of kids and dogs alike.


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