The video clip shows the quirky antics of a baby elephant on a beachside wedding venue.  The baby elephant, looks sleek and cute, and is accompanied by a trainer.  The scene is picturesque, neat green open space surrounded by trees along a sea shore.  The bride and guests are dressed up formally in flowing gowns with flower bouquets; even the little kids have their best clothes on.  The presence of baby elephant amidst the solemn occasion adds a touch of informality and makes the scene more playful. The clip starts with the elephant acting normally, giving rides to small kids and posing along with the families, but soon its antics become idiosyncratic.  It starts chasing people and uses its trunk to hug the bride, tries to kiss her; it goes after the bridesmaids, puts its trunk round their necks, tugs them, and appear to nuzzle them.  Very soon the atmosphere becomes funny and comical; this little fat baby elephant runs after the beautiful girls who scuttle in all directions. Moral of the story appears if one wants to add more informality in a formal occasion then introduce an unexpected element like a baby elephant.


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