This is a very funny video clipping of two dogs that have to share their dog food from the same bowl. The dog food is kept in the area near a wall. Both the dogs seem to love the dog food. One is a tiny white pup and another is a full grown dog. Well, the amusing fact is that the food bowl is larger than the size of the tiny dog! But it seems funny as how this dog defends his food from the bigger dog. We are reminded of the old time bible stories of David and the Giant Goliath. In the story David is a small boy fighting against the Giant. Similarly the small dog is quite successful in protecting the food from the bigger dog. It is the continuous barking of the little pup that is unnerving the dog. And the pup understands that and tends to bark as and when the big dog comes near the dog food. The big dog can easily attack and take away the food but this video shows how the courageous wins. This funny video shows how a ferocious dog seems to lose out to a smaller dog which has the grit and courage to bark and frighten the big dog. Be it the animal kingdom or the humans, the bolder ones win unanimously. Size doesn’t matter; it is proven who the ‘big boss’ of the two is!





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