Boy catching fish is a cute video. At such a young age, he seems to have a knack to use the fishing rod. Watch how the little boy effortlessly dips in the fishing rod into the waters. And luck is with him. Within minutes, he has successfully managed to get the first catch of his life. Look at his surprised expression. He seems to say, “man! this is pretty easy.” See the reaction on the face of the boy fishing. “Wow, I have managed it in no time.” But, he does not seem to be very excited with the prospect of touching his catch. The boy catching fish has a perplexed expression. He stretches his hand to touch it and then has second thoughts. May be he wonders what if it bites him. Notice how the young boy fishing is not able to touch the live fish. Probably, he has a solution for this as well. Perhaps, he thinks he can touch it when it becomes still.






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