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Big dog vs Small dog

170.11K Views1 Comments

This is a very funny video clipping of two dogs that have to share their dog food from the same bowl. The dog food is kept in the area near a wall. Both the dogs seem to love the dog food. One is a tiny white pup and ...

Crazy sheep attack

161.79K Views0 Comments

This funny video is about a sheep that seems to get mad at seeing people and derive a pervert pleasure in hurting humans. The ram is extremely restless and irritated. This funny video shows the ram or a male sheep aim...

Exploding dead whale

200.04K Views0 Comments

Sperm whale is the known to be the largest one among the toothed whales. Here is a video which had gone viral all around the Internet. This is about a dead whale that explodes as it is cut open. The marine biologist, ...

Baby elephant attends wedding

182.64K Views1 Comments

The video clip shows the quirky antics of a baby elephant on a beachside wedding venue.  The baby elephant, looks sleek and cute, and is accompanied by a trainer.  The scene is picturesque, neat green open space surro...

29 Monkeys In 38 Seconds

42.58K Views0 Comments

This is a series of clippings of monkeys that are playing pranks which are funny and sometimes slightly scary. All the people and kids involved are suddenly surprised when the monkeys make a sudden and unexpected move...

Baby & dog sing the blues

120.37K Views0 Comments

Wow! This is a hilarious video which can make you laugh your lungs out! The enthusiasm of a child and a dog is very amusing. It is generally believed that if one has an infant at home, then a puppy can be a good compa...

Monkey shooting with AK 47

105.61K Views1 Comments

This is a video of a monkey who uses an AK 47 to aim and shoot at people. The video shows a few people holding guns. They are making merry and enjoying among themselves. The monkey comes in and is watching the guys wh...

Smoking Monkey

143.84K Views0 Comments

This is a clipping of an adventurous and fun loving monkey that is a chain smoker. Probably this fellow in the zoo was trained by a trainer who might also be a cigarette addict or this monkey was taught this trick del...

Crows the ultimate problem solvers

47.08K Views0 Comments

Crows the ultimate problem solvers. This is an amazing video about a crow. Food is placed in a box but the crow is unable to pick up the food with its beak. Various necessary items are put in various boxes. The task o...

Drunken Animals

164.13K Views0 Comments

Drunken Animals - Animals getting drunk by eating ripe Marula Fruit. So they all go to the Fruit bar to drink away their problems together. So funny :)

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