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Baby elephant attends wedding

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The video clip shows the quirky antics of a baby elephant on a beachside wedding venue.  The baby elephant, looks sleek and cute, and is accompanied by a trainer.  The scene is picturesque, neat green open space surro...

Amazing Street Drummer

59.14K Views1 Comments

Here is the performance of an extremely talented street drummer. The most amazing thing about this video is the dirt cheap set of "drums" he is playing on.  Imagine what he could do with a full set of real drums. He i...

Near death & close call

42.28K Views0 Comments

This is a video of dangerous clippings that can make your heart skip a beat. This makes you scared to think about driving and even for that matter walking on the road. One will surely feel relieved that this is just a...

Catwalk falls

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Funny Catwalk falls - This video shows the funny aspect of the high strung cat walking. These are clippings of models who are taking part in fashion shows. This video shows ten clippings of models cat walking and fall...

Coffee Shop Surprise

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This is a deliberate prank played on the hapless customers in a coffee shop. This is a really enjoyable prank. This is an intended prank played by the two people who are posing as customers in the coffee shop. This is...

Man with dancing moustache

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Man with dancing moustache - this is a video of an old man who has a few tricks up his sleeve. This video is so entertaining. You have to see how the old man shakes his whiskers. All the dance movements of people danc...

Lion man – Kevin Richardson

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Kevin Richardson - the lion man, has struck up a remarkable friendship with an entire pride of lions in South Africa. He was born with an extremely talent, he just does not realize that because to him this is natural ...

Funny big game fishing

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Funny big game fishing.  Big fish jumps into the boat and a big man jumps out of the boat :)

New way of begging

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This video shows a unique way in which an old man, probably too old for work, is begging. The person probably does not want to out rightly beg as he knows that it will fetch him less amount of money rather than when y...

People getting scared

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This people scaring video is enjoyable to watch. People are scared out of their wits. Watch how this girl is screeching at the top of her voice and running away to the adjacent room! Funny to watch how people react wh...