Funny Catwalk falls – This video shows the funny aspect of the high strung cat walking. These are clippings of models who are taking part in fashion shows. This video shows ten clippings of models cat walking and falling down or falling off the ramp during the fashion show. The field of modelling is very exciting with a lot of young men and women aspiring to become successful models. They give so much perfection to beauty and looks as they are specifically selected to show case the creations of dress designers who change the face of dressing and fashion on a regular basis. This field is an extremely competitive field and many aspiring models would love to get an opportunity to show off the creative dresses of good designers. This video is a collection of amusing clippings of models falling down as they are wearing high heels and are not able to balance and walk properly. Even though it looks funny, one sheepishly notices that all these models retain their poise even when they fall down. Each of the models gets up as though nothing is amiss and coolly cat walks as though nothing has happened.  Imagine that too in front of a gathered crowd who are especially waiting eagerly for this show.





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