This is a deliberate prank played on the hapless customers in a coffee shop. This is a really enjoyable prank. This is an intended prank played by the two people who are posing as customers in the coffee shop. This is a hilarious video which show the woman picking up a fight with a near by customer. They push off the coffee mug as planned invariably and start a fight and the lady shouts loudly to attract people’s attention. The fun starts when the lady lifts up her hand and accordingly the guy is pulled up the wall. One can notice the shocked expression and bewildered look on the faces of many customers. Arrays of thoughts are continuously happening in their minds and all of it is reflected on the faces of each customer. The lady in the red dress is unknowingly shrieking out of fear. Every body is so surprised and perplexed. Nobody can decipher as to what is happening except that it looks like a scene from a haunted place with tables flying and books falling off the shelves. And if you notice one can see as to each person is reacting in a different manner. One customer is crying while the other is screaming out of fear. The guy in black is shocked and at the time not able to believe if all this is truly happening. It looks as if he is reassuring himself that this is not possibly true. Indeed a funny video which actually scares you if you do not understand that this is a prank.





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