This funny video is about a sheep that seems to get mad at seeing people and derive a pervert pleasure in hurting humans. The ram is extremely restless and irritated. This funny video shows the ram or a male sheep aiming at the poor hapless lady. Initially the lady is unaware that the ram is planning to attack her. Probably the ram was watching a football match. That is the way it looks as if he is aiming for a perfect kick or for a perfect goal the football being the lady in the video. More than the force of hitting the lady which is also evident from the video it is the shock which makes the lady go off her balance and fall down. Nobody would expect a random goat to come and attack you for no apparent reason. One bystander comes to help her and he also faces the same situation. The ram displays a savage force and is intent on hurting people in a fierce manner. Clipping after clipping shows the activity of the ram attacking people. Probably one can dismiss it as just a bad day for the ram or for the people around. Or it might be that the ram was hurt terribly by someone and he is seeking revenge as we see in our fascinating movies. Tit for tat theory is working big time.





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