Crows the ultimate problem solvers. This is an amazing video about a crow. Food is placed in a box but the crow is unable to pick up the food with its beak. Various necessary items are put in various boxes. The task of the crow is to club all the items required for taking out the food and to reach the food. We really feel surprised that a crow can think so intelligently and decide upon the necessary steps to be taken to reach the food. If you watch the video carefully, you can see that the crow picks up a small twig in order to pull out the stones from the three boxes placed adjacent to each other. All the three stones are put into the opening of a box in which a big long stick is placed. Though initially the crow seems lost, later on, it clearly picks up the tempo once it has planned what to do. It very clearly puts in the three stones to make the long stick fall down from the place where it was earlier placed. Once the stick falls down, it picks up the stick and uses it to pull the fruit placed in the box. A smart bird reaching its food is nice to watch.





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