Bike racing is an exciting sport. Spectators can feel their adrenalin pumping up while watching this interesting sport. Just imagine the thrill of enjoying the sport as a participant! It must unquestionably be “out of the world” experience. You can see a bike race where all participants are determined on getting the first place. It is common to see race crash during bike races. But, here is a funny video of two bikes that skid; but after skidding, they seem to dance like perfect dancing partners. The bikes look as if they are partners enjoying the dance as each bike perfectly turns around and around to form wonderful dance moves. The biker looks upset about the fact that he is not able to pick up the bike and zoom away. The bike crash has resulted in two bikes being entangled and looks as if dancing in gay abandon. The bewildered guy looks very irritated and walks off. Definitely, a funny video to watch and laugh your lungs out.






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