Emotional baby – Such a good video to watch.  she was only ten months old when this video was taken, her reaction is too cute. Baby is emotional because she loves her mother and feels the love in the song. What a lovely baby. What an array of emotions! What lovely feelings are depicted on the baby’s face? I think this baby can genuinely give established actors and actresses a run for their money. All range of emotions are shown on the baby’s face. The wonder factor is that the baby is responding so well to the song sung by the mother. Hats off to the small cutie pie that continuously changes expressions second by second! The shy smile slowly turns into weeping face with tears rolling down her cheeks even though she is maintaining her composure. Probably she is going to grow up into a beautiful actress or someone who is going to grow up to be a very creative person. What ever be the chosen field one can be sure that the baby is going to grow up into an emotional being who is going to be a great human being. Anybody would love to have such a baby. More than a funny video, we are greatly touched by the baby’s emotions. We aptly seem to reflect the same emotion that the baby is feeling. The bottom line is we feel vulnerable and touched by the child’s emotions. We unknowingly seem to reflect the baby’s emotions.





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