Sperm whale is the known to be the largest one among the toothed whales. Here is a video which had gone viral all around the Internet. This is about a dead whale that explodes as it is cut open. The marine biologist, Bjarni Mikkelsen was called to cut this dead whale which was found on the Faroe island beach. You can see Bjarni Mikkelsen cutting the sperm whale along its lateral side. Immediately within seconds, the whale is exploding. With the explosion, the body fluids and the organs such as the intestine are being thrown out with a force and a heavy sound. As mentioned earlier, the whale is dead already and due to this, the body had started to decompose. As a result of the process of decomposition, gases would have been released in the body. When the carcass was cut open, the pressure within the whale’s body had pushed out the gas along with the components of the dead whale carcass. It must be really interesting and even more thrilling to watch a whole huge sperm whale exploding when cut open; this video might even make one think of a nightmare wherein fish explodes in one’s own kitchen in the process of cutting open!





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