This is one of the most interesting and funniest sports video that had caught the eyes of many people.  Watch out for something sharp on the floor before you start watching this, for, you may roll on the floor and laugh out loudly! It is a football match between Maldives and Afghanistan. Since the Afghan team had made some penalty moves earlier, the Maldives team has been offered with a penalty kick where only the goal keeper can defend the ball. The witty Maldives striker Adey Ashadh makes a dive as he reaches near the ball and thus succeeds in making the Afghan keeper Mansur Faqiryar lose his focus.  Within a fraction of a second, he re-approaches the ball and strikes it off to the net. He then runs along the field with both his arms stretched. Meanwhile, you must know the Afghan keeper and his team mates had gone blank! This is what you call adding a tinch of common sense to the sport. The striker easily makes his move by distracting the keeper with his unexpected dive on the ground. Probably no one would have expected this from the striker; the entire ground went astonished after the goal. What other example would one need to stress on playing smart?!





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