This is a video about an intelligent monkey crack ground palm nuts using stone..  The small fruit actually looks like a stone. It is surprising to see the monkey balance the fruit on the wooden log in order to break it open. This monkey surely believes in hard work and perseverance. Even though this is a funny video, one can also see the effort one has to put in the animal kingdom where only one rule applies – Survival of the fittest. One wonders why this monkey is putting in so much effort to break open a small fruit. And check out the stone that it has chosen to break open the fruit. Probably that is heavier than him. Must be he is taking special body building lessons or probably trying to develop six packs to impress its peers. Whatever be the reason, one can see a satisfied expression when the animal finally succeeds in breaking open the fruit. Wow! What a commendable effort. Probably we can learn a lesson from this animal which puts in so much effort. Unfortunately, we see a lot of these monkey as a pet. They are funny and smart, but let them live happily in wilderness not our home.





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