Man with dancing moustache – this is a video of an old man who has a few tricks up his sleeve. This video is so entertaining. You have to see how the old man shakes his whiskers. All the dance movements of people dancing are done effortlessly by his moustache. The way the old man shakes and twists his moustache, one is reminded of break dance steps. It is so amusing to see this video and we feel really happy seeing the happy smile on the person’s face. He seems to be a nice person who wishes the guys a good day. His smile looks so earnest and genuine.

He confesses that it is because he has no teeth that he is able to do shake his whiskers. When he keeps the hand over his mouth and shakes his moustache it looks like it is flying. Nobody would be able to do such funny tasks. Indeed this is a funny video which would make kids squeal in happiness and amazement. This is really an enjoyable video and we also invariably wish good luck to the old man in our hearts like the cameramen who wish this person good. Indeed a refreshing sight to see this old man do such things with his moustache.





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