Two cute looking tiger cubs are enjoying themselves in a playful manner. The tiger cubs unknowingly enter the territory of the black faced monkey. The naughty monkey is sure that the young cubs cannot retaliate for its dirty tricks. The monkey seems to jump so swiftly from one branch to another in a matter of seconds teasing these cubs. And just look at how the jealous monkey is being a spoil sport. The monkey is taunting and harassing the cubs to its heart content; it is obvious that these cute little cubs are helpless.

What do these young ones know about the rule of the jungle that the toughest survives? Though this is a hilarious video, at a point of time, once can’t help feeling sorry for the young cubs that are just clueless about how to defend themselves from this mischievous monkey. Voila! Finally, even the monkey seems to feel sorry that these cubs are moving away from the place. Perhaps, it is scared that the mommy tiger might be somewhere round the corner!






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