This is a video of a monkey who uses an AK 47 to aim and shoot at people. The video shows a few people holding guns. They are making merry and enjoying among themselves. The monkey comes in and is watching the guys who are laughing and having a great time. One person hands over the gun to the monkey assuming that the monkey would wonder as to what to do with this gun. It is all done in a jiffy without much thought – taking the risk of handing over the gun to the monkey. Voila! It is a surprise when the monkey coolly takes the gun and aims to shoot at the guys who are in front of it. This certainly has changed the mood of the plot now. Everybody is surprised that the monkey coolly shoots with the gun as though he has undergone appropriate training. More than a funny video, this seems to be a mind blowing video. And the expression of the monkey after shooting with the gun is very hilarious. He seems to imitate scenes from movies wherein the shooter walks off with a complacent look on the face. Overall, a hilarious stunt!






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