This is a video of dangerous clippings that can make your heart skip a beat. This makes you scared to think about driving and even for that matter walking on the road. One will surely feel relieved that this is just a video and that you are not at the exact spot like many unfortunate people. Here are a series of clippings that show that people who are at the wheels are not bothered about other people’s safety and also about themselves. One really feels scared that such people are issued licenses and can drive. Many people here clearly invite trouble and do such dangerous things like running across a speeding train, or doing things which are clearly stupid in the name of thrill without giving a damn about their safety. Some others are helpless victims who sometimes manage to escape by God’s grace and the rest get hurt terribly. Oh! What a video. One feels tensed and fear grips you that nothing should happen to the victims. A person who purposely gets involved cannot be saved but we unknowingly pray for a second that the helpless victims who are in that spot should be saved from such reckless driving. This video shows a series of clippings displaying how senseless people can drive without giving a thought about others and also about themselves.





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