This video shows a unique way in which an old man, probably too old for work, is begging. The person probably does not want to out rightly beg as he knows that it will fetch him less amount of money rather than when you entertain people. The way the bird flies to the outstretched palm which has a coin placed on it is amusing. He has trained the bird well. Or one can console oneself that both the old man and the bird are helping each other. Whatever be the reason though it is enjoyable from the prospect of the giver who is thoroughly enjoying the peck with which the bird is picking up the coin, you feel sorry for the old man. To what extend people are forced to stoop in order to have a square meal should surely make us think about others when we discard food from our plates after we had our fill. We should not waste food and also try to help the poor in various ways. For the time being, the girls who are giving coins to the old man seem to enjoy so much as is evident from their hearty laughs. Really the bird is the sole attraction of this video.





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