Baby falling asleep while enjoying Ice cream. This video shows a sleeping kid who is licking an ice cream. He is fast asleep but still manages to continuously lick the ice cream. Though sleep has taken control, he consciously does not drop the ice cream and does not stop from having it.  When you watch the video we feel amused as to how the child is in full control of oneself even when he is sleeping. He loves his ice cream so much that in spite of not being able to open his eyes he clearly wants to have his ice cream. The kid is having difficulty in choosing between an ice cream, something he loves to have and with falling asleep to such an extent that he is literally falling onto the car seat. Really this video makes us smile unknowingly as we know this would be the case with most of the kids of the similar age. Kids always have charming qualities and they never try to put on an act to impress others. Their sincere and genuine acts make us smile. This child looks cute with an ice cream in his hand, licking and tasting it and at the same time not missing out on his sleep. May be we could learn a lesson or two from him regarding multi tasking!





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