This is a clipping of an adventurous and fun loving monkey that is a chain smoker. Probably this fellow in the zoo was trained by a trainer who might also be a cigarette addict or this monkey was taught this trick deliberately to engage the visitors. Anyway this monkey has conquered the art of smoking. The way he lights up one cigarette while he has another one in his hand looks amusing. He smokes as though he is a pro in smoking. I think he is quite experienced as he casually blows smoke into the air. He is surely enjoying his antics. Or may be he feels smart while all the spectators are cheering him up while he is smoking. One’s mind is reminded that after all humans are descendants of these animals. Any person no matter if he/she is a smoker or not would surely find it funnier as the monkey is at ease while lighting up a cigarette. People who are chain smokers always defend themselves as to they want to get relieved of their tensions that is why they are smoking. May be this fellow is also tensed and he is also finding smoking as the best way of getting relieved of his tensions. We can only assume things. The truth, only this tailed smoker knows!





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